Update 26/11/2018

Hey Guys, Last weeks story with a more sci-fi approach really seemed to take off, the next one is a mix of both sci-fi and horror and based on a much more recent dream. Glad that people are enjoying my little experiment so far and people are getting enjoyment out of this 🙂

Planet Leave

It was the first solid ground we had been on in over 12 months and as usual, the bar is the only place we will see. Something about the smoke-filled air and the laughter of people who didn't know what the other worlds were like brought comfort to us. There were only 3 of us... Continue Reading →

Story Update

Got another short story coming up, this one was a little different, usually, my dreams are always fairly dark but this one took a much more Sci-Fi approach which has been a welcome change. Should be dropping either today or tomorrow and I'm honestly looking forward to the different style.

Daemons Transcript

This dream varied from a lot of my normal ones, although most of my dreams/nightmares seem to involve fantastical situations they are normally always in the modern era. This one for the first time since beginning this journey took place in what I believe to be a medieval time. Although grotesque and disturbing as well... Continue Reading →


We were slowly getting closer to the village and already we could tell something was wrong. The smoke rising and the screams being carried to us on the air told us more than we wanted and we knew the attack had reached them before we had. If this was true then it would be the third... Continue Reading →

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